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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

Proper Names in Recent Lithuanian Translations of Canadian Authors

R Kvašytė
Šiauliai University, Lithuania

Proper names which are rendered by various methods are found in many Canadian literary pieces, recently translated into Lithuanian. Some of these are analyzed in my paper, with particular emphasis on Yann Martel's Life if Pi.
Proper names are an important object of literary onomastics; they are important for translation methodology as well. A translator should be aware of the motivation of the original text and the author’s idea in order to select a rendering method which reflects best the onomastics level of a piece. In fiction, it is necessary to single out the names of existing places which have an established tradition in Lithuanian and are used in various texts (e.g., 'Kvebekas' Quebec, 'Torontas' Toronto); moreover, names and family names of real historical, cultural, or political personalities (e.g., 'Šekspyras' Shakespeare, 'Bodleras' Baudelaire, 'Kenedis' Kennedy) or real anthroponyms which are not related with a particular person ('Džeinė' Jane, 'ponas Raitas' Mr. Right) are taken into consideration. A completely different case occurs with proper names created by an author. Such systems of proper names should also be reflected exactly in a translation. For translators of fiction texts, it is very important to grasp and properly apply the rules for rendering proper names in order for the original not to suffer and for a reader to easily understand the sense of proper names in a text.

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