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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

How Onomastics Can Contribute to Solving a Marketing Problem: the Case of Eurasia

E Hoffmann
University of Economics and Business Administratio, Austria

In marketing, Eurasia is currently still an area of terra incognita between the Central and Eastern European and the Asia-Pacific region. The paper deals with the question of how far Eurasia can be a relevant region for marketing of multi-national enterprises from a linguistic cultural studies viewpoint and by means of onomastics. To this end, the enrichment of the conception of Eurasia in Russia will be researched in its philosophical, political and economic dimensions using the original geographic dimension as a baseline.

On the basis of a corpus taken from economic discourse, it will be demonstrated that Eurasia integrates many other geographical, cultural and political entities in concentric layers, mostly within the borders of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). The investigation includes an analysis of the lexical and actual meaning of the lexeme Eurasia and its derivates. The subsequent analysis of the usage of these lexemes traces how they as original toponyms expand into other classes of names as transonyms (ergonyms, pragmatonyms, eventonyms) and finally lose their proper name status and become appellatives. Eurasia as toponym, as transonym and as appellative is subject to different usage conditions within economic discourse.

The results of the analysis will be interpreted with the help of survey results on the status of Russia between East and West. The individual conceptual components will be scrutinized in detail for their potential significance for regional marketing in post-Soviet economic discourse, whereby neo-Eurasianism in contemporary Russian thinking deserves particular significance.

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