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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

Baptismal Names and their Inflectional Forms in the Subdialect of Maramureş

N Felecan
North University of Baia Mare, Romania

The paper aims to highlight the peculiarities of the first names in the subdialect of Maramureş. The area is located at the Northern border of the Daco-Romanian territory, beyond the official Romanian border. In other words, it covers the Carpathian depression of Maramures which is surrounded by a chain of mountains.
Among several characteristic features of the baptismal names in the region, we have chosen to focus on two of them in particular. The first one is the tendency people have to preserve and encourage the usage of traditional names, including names inspired by religion or nature. The second one approaches the spoken form of the names. From this perspective, first names are transformed under the influence / frequent presence of the apocope in exclamatory contexts, with names bearing the stress on the last syllable, as in the following examples: G'eo! (Gheorghe!), Ioa! (Ioane!), Mari! (Marie!), Pa! (Patru!), Samnioa! (Samnioane!).

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