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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

Dictionary of Moravian and Silesian Anoikonyms -A New Project of Czech Linguistics

M Sipkova
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic

The priority of our dictionary of minor place names (in Slavic traditional onomastic science called anoikonyms) lies in the unique material (collected mainly through the correspondence survey and covering 96 % of the territory under investigation), and in the theoretical and methodological conception that represents the Czech onomastic school (V. Šmilauer, P. Trost, R. Šrámek, I. Lutterer). The onomastic interpretation of a minor place name is not limited to etymology or word-formation; the Dictionary aims to reveal the variability of minor place names together with their geographical differentiation, their structure, relation to the object as well as the motivational aspect of the naming process. In this way, it represents a new type of microtoponymic dictionary which is dominated by linguistic interpretation of the material comprising a great number of dialect forms. Many lexical units that cross the Czech border to Poland and Slovakia give the Dictionary an interslavic, Central-European character; registration of numerous lexical units of German origin, in contrast, emphasizes the multi-lingual connection with the German neighbourhood. The theoretical and methodological approach is illustrated by examples. The treatment of Moravian and Silesian minor place names will become a methodological basis of the microtoponymy for the Slavic Onomastic Atlas.

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