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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

Proper Names in Education: Local Traditions and Global Tendencies

V Tuzlukova
Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

Within the higher education field English proper names can be confusing as identifying them is a difficult task. Not only is their history quite unclear. They occur and update dynamically due to all the variety and change which exist in society (Crystal, 1986). Thus their variability inevitably leads to ambiguity and hinders their localization in cultural and social contexts of other languages.
This paper presents the results of the research of various types of English proper names in higher education, including names of campus units, universities, academic majors, departments and associations, viewed as constituents of lexical and semantic fields. It considers their structural, semantic, and cultural features, and stresses their complex nature. Peculiarities at the structural and semantic levels, including the number of the components, their meanings (topographical, anthropological, social and cultural, etc.), and the character of their relations are described. Stressed are the peculiarities revealed in the connotative component of their meanings, conventional and emotional attitudes. They are viewed as a reflection of global and local social, cultural and linguistic tendencies. In this respect, suggestions are made regarding the comparative and cross-cultural study of proper names in higher education.

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