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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

Interactive Digital Version of a Dictionary of Minor Place Names

L Cizmarova
Academy of Sciences of the CR, Czech Republic

The paper deals with the routines used by Brno linguists working on the Dictionary of Moravian and Silesian Anoikonyms, the publication of which will be not only a classical paper dictionary, but – in the first place – have a digital version, offering innumerable possibilities to search for needed information and to depict it on maps. All the collected material (so far stored in the form of paper filing cards) is gradually being put into the digital database of the program which automatically creates a primary form of the entries (headword with certain characteristics, enumeration and sequence of the respective anoikonyms and objects). The main task of the authors is then to formulate the explicatory section of each entry (treating questions of word-formation, syntax, onomastics, etymology, dialectology and geography, concerning the included names). At the same time, the program offers the possibility of generating various maps (for individual entries or several connected entries, on various backgrounds – administrative districts, highways or river networks, vertical model, google map). The lecture will include a powerpoint presentation showing an interim image of the Dictionary and how to work with it.

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