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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

Folklore Onomastics: The Present State and Perspectives

N Kolesnyk
Chernivtsi University, Philology Faculty, Dept. of, Ukraine

Proper names used in folklore texts have been under study since the second half of the nineteenth century. But in Slavic onomastics, their linguistic analysis has substituted historical and ethnographical analysis only in the 70s of the twentieth century. The problem of place and specifics of proper names is still currently of interest in folklore.
Modern linguists research 'nomina propria': some view folklore proper names as a source of study of a popular vernacular system of naming. Others study their functional peculiarities in certain texts without any reference to specifics of the language of the folklore source.
At present there is a new tendency in Ukrainian onomastics towards the study of proper names in folklore. Being elements of folklore texts, they remain onomastic lexemes, i.e., each proper name in folklore is a word that develops both according to the laws of an onymic system as well as those of folklore language. Proper names are often the key words of a folklore text. They are specific and have the peculiarities of folklore words.
Thus, studies of proper names should be conducted in close relationship with the national system of naming, its dialectal subsystems and peculiarities of folklore discourse. In the process of folklore text creation, proper names are used so that they possess peculiar features which cannot be traced in everyday communication or in fiction.

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