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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

Atlas Index: Structure, System and Name Collection

A Wolodtschenko
TU Dresden, Germany

Any atlas index represents a lexical work, which is seized and designed systematically, on the basis of objective, alphabetical, chronological or other criteria. From an onomastic view, one can regard each atlas index of geographical names as a systematic collection of common nouns (generic terms) and proper names (specific names) with references indicating their location on the atlas maps and, relatively, on the land. From a cartosemiotic point of view, each atlas or its part (e.g., atlas index) is an information-modular construction with certain structural models.
This paper presents some semiotic characteristics of the index of the National Atlas of the Federal Republic of Germany (Nationalatlas Bundesrepublik Deutschland). The contents-referred information blocks are an index of landscapes and a maps index; a systematic index of articles, maps and illustrations; an alphabetic index of articles, maps and illustrations; and a list of authors. These information blocks as well as information-semiotic modules of the atlas index are analyzed, structured and presented.

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