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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

Some Main Peculiarities of Modern Kyrgyz Personal Names.

A Mamazhakypova
Moscow State Linguistic University, Russia

My paper deals with some of the main peculiarities of modern Kyrgyz personal names, such as active inner meaning or motivation of the nomination act, which gives categorical information on gender, culture, history, traditions and stereotypical associations of the Kyrgyz people. It corresponds to the compressed sentence (compact proposition), in which some elements get an explication in the name as a basis and attribute of the nomination. Also, this paper deals with the important issues on the motivation degree of Kyrgyz personal names, recent trends in Kyrgyz personal names formation, and rhyming (harmony) in Kyrgyz personal names, as well as traditions, innovations and unique creativity in naming. All of the above mentioned factors and the richness of content of Kyrgyz personal names are reflected in the structural complexity which is explained by the anthroponymic components, formants and elements, occurring in one-, two- and three-component anthroponyms.

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