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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

The Names of Concepts for Multilingual Communication: Ukrainian Experience

O Ivashchyshyn
N Andreychuk
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine

The paper focuses on the research of proper names forming international terms of technogenic discourse. The purpose of the research meets the requirements and addresses the challenge of multilingual communication in the age of globalization and highly developed technology.
Investigations in the area of terminological onomastics (Wright, S. E., Budin, G., 1997; Surmont, J., 1999; Kyyak, T., 2003) have pointed to the fact that international terms of anthroponymic, toponymic, etc., character provide mutual understanding for professionals and linguists, and make it possible to cater more fully to their needs and success in international activity.
The discussion on lexico-semantic features of such terms as Cherenkov radiation, Frash sulphur, Leblanc process, European ecology, Schrot effect, Chernobyl catastrophe, Subak irrigation system, and Greenhouse gas; the comparative analysis of their adaptation into English, French, German, Russian and Ukrainian, and the original motivation and the outcomes of the onomastic method of naming concepts are the focus of this paper.
Our observations in the course of terminological onomastics research and the results of a new project, "Dictionary of Technogenic Terms," confirm that the use of proper names in the medium of international terms is an inexhaustible mine of interlingual resources, challenging the promotion of multilingual communication in the contemporary world.

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