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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

Nicknames of Ontario's Cities and Towns

A Rayburn

Several cities and towns in the province of Ontario have promotional nicknames. Hamilton is known as the Ambitious City; St. Catharines has Garden City; Kingston has Limestone City; London has Forest City; Guelph has Royal City; Waterloo has Hartford of Canada; Brampton has Flowertown, and Oshawa has Motor City. Toronto, Canada's largest city, has had many nicknames during its 288 years: Queen City and Centre of the Universe are affectionate and glorified names; Toronto has long been known derisively as Hogtown by other Canadian cities, but the majority of the city's people are content with that name. Ottawa, Canada's national capital, is one of the province's cities; it is often called Bytown, its first name in 1827.

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