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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

The Classification of Hungarian First Names by Origin

E Fercsik
Unknown, Hungary

This paper shows how current Hungarian first names fall into three categories by origin. The categorization of names takes into consideration cultural historical as well as linguistic aspects. In the paper, three major groups of first names are presented and divided into subcategories. The first group includes ancient Hungarian names. These names originated from generic words of Hungarian or unknown origin that became proper names (Bódog ‘happy, rich’, Csepke ‘tiny’, Huba, Csenge). The second group includes names of foreign origin: these can be loan-names (Valentin > Bálint, Barbara >Borbála) or foreign names without any major changing (Klaudia, Maximilián). The third group mainly includes names created by the modification of existing names, for instance, by derivation (Miklós > Mike, Mikes, Mikó, Miksa), or compounding (Anna > Panna, Kisanna), or by rarer methods of name formation (Arnold>Arnó, Alexandra > Szandra). Names can have several variations derived from them, therefore, large name families can develop from names related to each other.

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