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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

Some Aspects of Personal Names in Proverbs and Sayings

A M Abbasova

Personal names are used in language facts, developed for example in small texts. As a rule, the using of personal names in such texts seeks a specific purpose and this fact, at the same time, attracts attention with particularly its short history. For instance, some personal names perform a symbolic function in many Azerbaijani aphoristic expressions.
Such kinds of idiomatic expressions are not usually translated into other languages, only, their appropriate equivalents could be used. But if there is an attempt to translate such expressions, personal names used in their content lose their position in the translation. As a comparison we cite some examples:
All my eyes Betty Martin!-could be translated as “nonsense”
By George!- as, Oh my God!
Lexicographers indicate that Saint George was considered to be the defender, or protector of England. So, any person in difficulty calls on Saint George for help, using the expression “By George!” and relieves his or her grief. Without this explanation, no person from another country could understand this expression or a proverb like this.

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