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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

Proper Names in the Russian Word Associative Net

N Vasileva
Institute of Linguistics Russian Acad. of Sciences, Russia

The term “Word Associative Net” belongs to Yu. Karaulov, and denotes a special kind of a dictionary – the associative one. Two volumes of the Russian Word Associative Thesaurus (Russkij associativnyj slovar’) by Karaulov et al. were published in Moscow in 2002. The Thesaurus came out from the mass associative experiment in which 11000 respondents took part. In the first volume, “From Stimulus to Reaction,” a dictionary entry includes the word-stimulus as an entry-word and a list of reaction-words in descending frequency order. In the second volume, “From Reaction to Stimulus,” every dictionary entry contains a reaction-word followed by a list of stimuli which generated it. There are no analogues to such a dictionary in Russian linguistics. The Thesaurus represents a new domain of studying proper names as components of the national linguistic world image. In my paper, the problems of reconstruction of the Russian linguistic world image through proper names are discussed. Special attention is paid to so-called precedent names (precedentnye imena) – proper names which are easily recognized and widely used in a given language and cultural community, which appeal to emotions and cognition, and tend to be used metaphorically.

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