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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

Village Names of Latgale and Līvu Krasts in the Book, "Villages of Latvia. Names, Geographical Location"

Z Cekula
B Gitendorfa
Latvian Geospatial Information Agency, Laboratory , Latvia

The place names of Latvia were surveyed during mapping from 1995 till 2006. To provide for the maintenance, protection and development of the Liv (Livonian) and Latgalian language as an important cultural heritage, the village names of Līvu krasts and Latgale were included in the book, “Villages of Latvia. Names, geographical location”.
The book comprises 14,012 names of 8,879 villages, among them 15 village names in the Liv language and approximately 5,000 village names in the Latgalian language.
The village names are represented in multiple languages—village names in Līvu krasts in the Latvian language and the Liv language; Latgalian village names in Latgale in the Latvian language and the Latgalian language.
The Livs (Livonians) are a very small Finnic minority living in Latvia. The Liv language has approximately 30 speakers and semi-official status, while the Latgalian language has approximately 200,000 speakers and unofficial status.
In accordance with the State Language Law of the Republic of Latvia, the Latgalian language is considered a historical variety of the Latvian language and the Latvian state must provide for its maintenance, protection and development.

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