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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

Rodskarl, Trynta and Spænneklo. Bynames in the Records of the Town Council of Arbogo from the Name-Semantic Point of View

A Sundström
SOFI, Sweden

The records of the town council of Arboga are a valuable source relating to life in Sweden during the Middle Ages. These include the records of the town court and economic transactions, such as transfers of real estate, donations and inheritances. Due to these circumstances, the records contain a large number of names which are of great interest to the onomastic researcher.
In this paper, I discuss and give examples of bynames from the different name-semantic categories that are represented in the records: «descent and kinship», «origin and place of residence», «occupation and social status», «external characteristics», «internal characteristics», «clothing and equipment» and finally «habits and events».

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