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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

Postcommunist Political Satire Illustrated in the Nicknames of Romanian Politicians

D Felecan
O Felecan
Universite de Nord, Baia Mare, Romania

Because of their proneness to humour, Romanians have learnt to use it mercilessly even (or, better yet, especially) in relation to notorious icons of the political class which emerged after 1989 (the year of the Revolution). Therefore, any breach in the code of behaviour of the ideal politician was and still is verbally penalized with sheer irony by means of representative nicknames.
My research has two parts: a theoretical one, which regards a brief history of nicknames, generally speaking, and an application part. Here I present some criteria according to which I classified some of the most common nicknames of the politicians. Whilst the traditional system of nicknaming is characterized by stability and duration, the new system refers to occasionality and transience. Here are, for example, some of the criteria of this new system I deal with in the body of my research:
● appearance and dress code,
● the job practised before the political career,
● serious moral flaws,
● mistakes made due to lack of knowledge,
● presumed sexual orientations.

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