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ICOS 2008 Conference Abstract

Jewish Surname Changes in Hungary (19th-20th century)

T Farkas
ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary

The paper gives an overview of the main characteristics of surname changes of the Jewish population in Hungary, from which the most typical petitioners came throughout the golden ages of the history of surname changes in the country. Jews were overrepresented and regularly formed the majority of the petitioners of the process which was influenced also by ideologies and events of history. – The paper gives a brief summary of the main characteristics of surname changes in general, as well as the role of these petitions in the assimilation of the Jews. – It gives an overview of the history and the characteristics of these name changes in Hungary, including the social, ideological, political and legal background of the process. In relation to current research, it analyses the main characteristics of Jewish surname giving fashions of the era, in comparison to those of the non-Jewish petitioners. Finally it gives a short summary of the results of this process for the present-day surname stock of Hungary.

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